Guide – Earn Extra Cash from Paid To Click Advertising

1. Join PTC Networks
– Sign Up to 10 Sites
– Clicks ads each day
(1st Month)
Every business needs some funds to start with. With this strategy, instead of investing any money, we will earn it!Sign up to a minimum of 10 Sites, click all available ads everyday. Most sites will have atleast $0.04-$0.05 worth of ads each day with a minimum cashout of $1-2 .

In 30-45days:
$0.05 X 10 = $0.50 per day
$0.50 X 30days = $15-$20

Sign up to more than 10 sites for a larger initial investment capital.

Here’s a list of profitable sites to join (See below list to continue with Guide):

2. Invest your first months earnings
– Promote 1st PTC site.
(2nd Month)
Use the funds you earn in your first month to promote your best PTC site. For most, this will be Neobux.
Daily 4 x $0.01 ads & 50% Referral Earnings.

To earn an income from these PTC sites, you need referrals. Referrals are others who sign up with your referral link. You earn a percentage of the value of the ads that they click each day.

Two areas to invest your startup capital.
Rented Referrals & Direct Referrals. Suggest spending half on each.

3. Rented Referrals For most Sites – every click any of your referrals make you will get paid $0.005. Most sites – you will be able to rent referrals for 30 days at a time at a cost of around $0.15-$0.20 each.

Example of potential profit (Neobux or Buxwon):
100 Rented Referrals = $20.00
100 X 4 clicked ads each day = $2
$2 X 30 days = $60.00For advanced rented referral strategy guide
– click here

4. Direct Referrals Thinking back to the 10 sites you initially joined and clicked ads on, usually these sites will have a point system where for each ad that you click on, you also receive points to spend on advertising.
Use these points you have earned to purchase 1000 hits to the referral link of your main PTC Site.Example.
9 other sites x 1000 hit advertising = 9000 hits to your referral link for your first site (Neobux or Buxwon)
9000 hits from persons who are already interested in earning from PTC advertising and are inclined to sign up to PTC sites. Talk about specialised targeted advertising!

To start with, you might advertise your first site until you get 50 Direct Referrals.
50 Refs x 4 clicks per day = $1
$1 X 30 Days = $30

5. Repeat above for 2nd Site
– Keep promoting 1st Site
(3rd Month)
Profit after 1st Month = $20.00
Profit after 2nd Month = $70.00

Repeat the above for your 2nd Site = Invest $20.00
Also keep investing in your 1st site (get more referrals).

After 3rd Month – Profit
1st Site = $100.00
2nd Site = $70.00

6.Keep repeating the above for all 10 Sites
(4th -6th Month)
Now your getting the idea.After successfully promoting all 10 Sites. Let’s say you earn $100 a month for each, which is very realistic.

10 X $100 = $1000 per month after 6 months of work!

7. Keep promoting your first 10 Sites & Start joining other sites and promoting those. Now that you have the idea. The sky is the limit as to how much you can earn each month. Your income will only be limited by your time spent and your imagination and willingness to have a try!

ClixSense WalkThru Guide $3-$12 p/day

Create a ClixSense Account –> Click Here

Daily Checklist

1. $0.00 Install ClixAddOn & Leave open for 60mins
2. $0.05 View all Paid-To-Click Advertisements.
3. $0.50-$1.00 Complete offers
4. $2.00-$5.00 Complete Surveys

$1-$2 Surveys

$0.83 GlobalTestMarket Surveys (Repeatable every 4 hours)

$0.85 OpinionWorld Surveys (Repeatable X5 per day)

$0.90 OpinionWorld Surveys (Once every 24 hours)

$0.40-$0.60 Peanut Lab Surveys (Several Mini Surveys per day)

Your profile may not qualify you to complete each survey, but trying enough and often enough will result in atleast a few being available for completing each day.

5. $2.00-$6.00 CrowdFlower Tasks

Endless source of quick tasks. Idea is to do lots of little jobs each day.

Endless source of quick tasks.
Endless source of quick tasks.
6. $0.00-$10.00 Click ClixGrid Ads (x20)
Required to receive the daily bonus.
7. $0.00 View Forum Page (x1)
Required for Daily Bonus
8. 7% Daily Bonus Completing all the above steps qualifies you for the daily bonus



RewardsCentral – Consumer Rewards Program

RewardsCentral is an online rewards program exclusively for Australians, where you can earn rewards and have lots of fun. Participate in surveys, earn money for reading emails and trying out new products.

Shop online and earn rewards.

RewardsCentral has an interesting feature – eBank. The points that you earn from shopping online, doing sruveys, viewing emails, can be deposited in the eBank to accrue interest.




Redemption of points include direct debit deposit into your nominated bank account or an eGift Card.


I recently was able to cash out $50.00AUD. Give it a try, excellent program.

ClixSense – First Payment

So after a few days spending 10-15 minutes a day, I got my first payment from ClixSense.


How did I earn cash?

Besides clicking on ads….Earned easy cash with the Peanut Lab OfferWall. Completed surveys and offers.



Would like my cash earnings to be better. Will try another method to increase earnings. Try to get direct referrals. Earn revenue from the activity of your referrals. Next goal will be to get direct referrals to increase earnings.

Clixsense – Day 1

The ClixSense Advertising Network has been in operation for the last 7 years. More than 2 million registered members worldwide use this Advertising Network. More than 50 million ad views per month and with several advertising options available, you will find the right campaign that suits your marketing needs. ClixSense offers affordable and lower than industry standard advertising rates.

How do we use Clixsense to earn extra cash?

To drive traffic to it’s advertisers, members are rewarded for performing tasks.

  • Visiting Websites
  • Paid Surveys
  • Free Offers
  • Micro Tasks
  • Playing Clix
  • Grid Contests
  • Shopping Online
  • Referring Others
Small sample of tasks available

Small sample of tasks available

Endless source of quick tasks.

Endless source of quick tasks.

Cash balance after a few minutes of performing tasks.

Cash balance after a few minutes of performing tasks.

Payment is made through Paypal. Stay tuned for updates….